February 23, 2013

Many of our clients are small business owners looking to establish themselves in today’s competitive marketplace or take back market share they have lost due to the struggling economy. Creating an advantage and most importantly, letting customers know about it, may be the only way to survive. Why not reinvest your tax refund in your company’s marketing strategy?  Here are some ways to efficiently put your annual windfall to use:

Website Design or Update – Is your current website lacking functionality that you need? Does it work on mobile devices? Is it clean, organized, and easy to navigate with up to date information? Do you even HAVE a website? Technology can make or break a business. A well designed and maintained website can be an affordable way to establish or rebrand your business and create an online presence allowing you a flexible marketing piece to convey your products and services to your current and potential customers.

Promotional Flyers and Cards – Do you have a captive audience sitting at your bar, watching your live shows, shopping in your store, or even just going to the bathroom in your establishment, and they don’t have a clue about what’s coming up next week or even tomorrow? You’re missing out! Eye-catching posters with upcoming events, specials and sales are an easy way to ensure your customers are informed. Scannable QR codes added to flyers and business cards allow you another opportunity to gather information or direct potential customers or fans to your website and social media outlets.

Newsletter and Social Media Campaigns – Do you have a list of customer email addresses that you’re doing nothing with? Do you need help creating a message that will present your group as a leader in your industry? Affordable email, text and social media solutions provide you with another method of reaching potential buyers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more have created an inexpensive way to create a community of customers working for YOU. Utilizing these tools properly can help increase your customer base and improve communication among your target market.

Event Planning – One great way to reach out to potential customers is to throw a kick ass party. Product launches, meet & greets, fundraisers, record releases, and other events can exponentially grow your business when executed correctly. The logistics of planning events, both big and small, can be intimidating and stressful. By freeing up your time to focus more on the business aspects of your organization, the event can be even more successful and go off without a hitch.

And of course, Stellar Edge PR can help you do ALL of these things and more! So contact us today and put that extra money where it will really make a difference. You really don’t need another Ninja blender, do you?