Marketing Happy Hour

Need tips for how to get your business seen? Want to learn social media tricks, hear about Google updates and understand general marketing trends? Then join us for our Marketing Happy Hour! It’s a casual chat with owners Sin & Lindsay about anything and everything! We’ll offer up some new info and then open the discussion because we want to hear from YOU! We’d love to chat about challenges, ideas and more! This is not us talking AT you for an hour… let’s have a conversation! Now’s the time to get all your burning marketing questions answered!



11 am via Zoom

Register below to receive Zoom login information and join us with your lunch or favorite beverage! We won’t know what’s in your mug – there’s no judgement here!


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We'd love to cover topics you're interested in or have questions about - or let us know specific questions related to your business that we might be able to answer!



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If you need something cleaned, call Harry. Seriously! Even if itโ€™s not his mess, heโ€™ll offer to fix it for you. As Stellarโ€™s SEO expert, Harry's insight into a client's business is a valuable tool reaching more than just online audiences, but customers in the real world too! Harry has owned a handful of businesses since the ripe old age of 13 ranging from manufacturing to real estate to business services. A true Renaissance man, Harry can speak with someone for less than 30 minutes and have a complete business strategy worked out in his head leading them to definite success. A father of two teenage boys, Harry knows a thing or two about dealing with people on the brink of insanity. He fits in well at Stellar.


Named after Patrick Swayzeโ€™s character in Point Break, Bodhi joined the Stellar team in May 2017 and we donโ€™t know how we got through the prior 6 years without an office dog! Adopted from Animal House Shelter, Bodhi is a Pitbull/American Bulldog mix that his human Lindsay cannot believe someone gave up. Bully breeds definitely get a bad rap because there is nothing sweeter than this 65-pound โ€œlap dogโ€ climbing into someoneโ€™s chair as we gather around the conference table. With as much charisma as his namesake, Bodhi greets visitors to the office with a toy in his mouth ready to play. He hasnโ€™t quite developed any marketing skills just yet, but he can spot a duck or another dog out the window like nobodyโ€™s business.


Anything that gets thrown Kristinโ€™s way is handled with easeโ€ฆ at least as far as we know. Coming from the retail industry, Kristin is no stranger to a fast paced, ever-changing environment and has no problem adapting to the chaos that comes with managing Stellarโ€™s high profile clients. With years of experience managing all aspects of communications for Fortune 500 companies, Kristin is able to schmooze clients, conquer any task, and ensure everything is running smoothlyโ€ฆ even when itโ€™s not! A Hallmark movie fan, Kristin loves spending time with her firefighter husband and rambunctious toddler.


Lover of tacos, dogs, and all things Justin Timberlake, Sylvia brings an honest perspective to not only projects, but office chit-chat as well! When onboarding new clients, tons of experience making people happy in the service industry and her marketing degree from DePaul allows Sylvia to jump right in and hit the ground running. In her role as Account Manager, Sylvia truly gets to know a client โ€“ understanding all the ins and outs that make them stand out from their competitors. Sylviaโ€™s skillset is continually expanding and ranges from social media to email marketing to web design and more. She loves to travel and has been around the world and has visited 45 of our nation's 50 great states!


Using a space heater at her desk year-round, Lynne is no stranger to turning it up. With a background in retail and corporate sales, Lynne brings practical knowledge to help Stellar clients determine their path to success. As our content writer extraordinaire, Lynne helps brands find their voice and reaches a whole new world of customers. You may hear her getting flustered from time to time, but itโ€™s always short-lived. Her get โ€˜er done, take charge attitude works in her capacity at Stellar and as the busy mom of 3 busy boys.


As a lover of spicy treats, Christina is a no-nonsense, get the job done kind of a girl. Any task thrown her way is done quicker than you can say Siracha! As our resident Web Developer, troubleshooting issues is her specialtyโ€ฆ just like at home as the mother of two young sons! Christinaโ€™s ad agency background and experience developing websites adds another layer of insight to our clientโ€™s marketing efforts. Youโ€™ll often see her hiking and biking with her family (with a stop off at their favorite Dairy Queen for a treat!).


Known around the office as Molly Pee Pee Pants, our resident Graphic Designer has more than just a small bladder. Her experience designing logos, developing brands, and creating amazing materials for Stellar clients brings a fresh perspective and artistic flair.ย  Mollyโ€™s easy-going attitude makes her the perfect candidate to work with constant changes and multiple ongoing projects. When sheโ€™s not out saving lives along the side of the road, she lives as a baseball widow and chauffeurs her kids to all their activities.


Known for her rainbow hair, Sin is never one to settle for just one style. She pushes the Stellar team to think outside the box and consider things they would have never done before. Her Bachelorโ€™s in Graphic Arts & Illustration from the American Academy of Art is just the tip of what sheโ€™s learned. With real-world experience in business management, marketing and promotions, event planning, and vendor coordination, Sinโ€™s experience gives Stellar an Edge over the competition (see what we did there?). Despite her edgy moniker, Sin is a kid at heart riding her scooter, dragging the Stellar team on crazy outings, and smothering her adult son and daughter with embarrassing hugs and kisses.


Known as the Dream Crusher, Lindsayโ€™s level head keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine. When everyone else is trying to get in human-sized balloons and doing mid-day yoga, Lindsay is crunching numbers in a spreadsheet โ€“ literally one of her favorite things to do. With a Bachelorโ€™s in Business Administration, Lindsay has the know-how to help Stellar clients make the right decisions to reach their goals. She loves problem-solving and making things work. She has a soft spot for kids and animalsโ€ฆ sheโ€™s been known to grab babies from strangers and roll on the ground with any dog that will snuggle her.