March 7, 2013

In light of today's announcement from Facebook revealing more changes to your News Feed, it got me thinking... are you making the most of Facebook for your business? You may have oodles of likes and post something everyday, but is it really generating the results you're looking to achieve? Without giving away the farm and sharing ALL of our secrets, we thought we'd just give you all a little something to think about with regard to your Facebook business page.

I just have to BE on Facebook to get more business. It doesn't matter how I get there. As my dad would say, wrong reindeer breath. Facebook offers a number of options for users to interact - personal profile pages, business pages, places, groups, etc. Do your research and be sure you are set up properly from the beginning. It's much harder to get all your friends/fans/customers to move to a new page later.

Did you know that the TYPE of content you post makes a difference in terms of how many people see it? Not only do you have to post interesting information that engages your customers, but you have to post it in the right format. This includes posting status updates, photos, videos, questions, links, and more. The goal is to encourage interaction among your fan base so that your post can expand both its organic and viral reach. Facebook is constantly tweaking the algorithm utilized to determine what shows up in whose news feed (that's right people... there's MATH involved!).

Think about where all of your likes came from. Did you just ask anyone and everyone to like your page? Did your mom ask all of her friends to like your page? Did you give away a trip to the Bahamas (see here why your promotion may not have been legal!)? That's great, but sheer volume isn't all that matters. This is a situation where quality most definitely wins over quantity. Ultimately, you want to convert those likes in to customers. To do that, it's pretty important that they want or need whatever you're peddling. The more they are engaged, the more likely they are to share with their friends and THAT'S where your volume comes from. Promoting your Facebook page to your target market is key - it may be great to see 50K likes on your page, but if only 2,000 of them actually care, you might have less traction than you think.

Paying to sponsor a post will get me more views and ultimately more likes and more business, RIGHT? No. Don't assume that paying for something is better than the results you'll get on your own. If you're going to pay to promote something (an event, a special, or some other call to action), be sure that it's something really worth while that you really want everyone to see and that it's not going to stop in 2-3 days. I've seen so many bars promote an event for the upcoming weekend and then on Monday or Tuesday, I will still see it pop up in my news feed. Lame! The paid content should be something that appeals to a large percentage of your fans and has the potential to go viral encouraging others to interact and then send THEIR friends! And keep an eye on how the promotion does – having measurable results will help evaluate if it’s worth the money to continue doing it.

Well, then as long as I post like 10 times a day, people are bound to see me. Sure... until they hide you or unlike you all the while complaining about you to their friends. Social media has created a way for people to share each and every intimate detail about their life (I'm going to bed now... time to take out the dog... wow, that was a great workout). It doesn't mean that you should. The frequency, length and content of each post has the potential to shrink or grow your viewing audience. Make smart choices and don't annoy your audience.

Social media can be an essential piece in your marketing plan if used properly. Of course, if all of this is just too much for you, contact us! 🙂 We can get you set up properly, posting the right information at the right times, and interacting with your customers (in fact, we'll even do it for you freeing up your precious time to focus on what YOU do best!).