December 4, 2018
Get on the Nice List

Everyone wants to make it on Santa’s list. But are you really deserving of that super cool electric scooter? Santa sees everything so make sure that you’re treating others with respect and kindness… especially your vendors and even your competitors!

When working with outside vendors, ensure you are providing them ample turnaround time. Don’t force your tight deadlines on them unless absolutely necessary. If you create strong relationships, a tight turnaround every once and awhile shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are constantly asking for the moon, your vendors will get annoyed and rightly so. Working ahead of schedule will allow you and your service providers the chance to cross every t and dot every i -resulting in quality work that everyone can be proud of!


On the competitor side, so many times we have clients that come to us wondering what they might need to take things to the next level. They aren’t always necessarily unhappy with their current provider– perhaps it was even a friend or family member who was helping them out. It wouldn’t do us any good to bash someone that our client at some point trusted with their business. You can still provide feedback and suggestions without completely ripping something apart (at least to the customer’s face – what you do in your own home to relieve stress is up to you!). 🙂 Ultimately, treat your business like you treat your family… or in some cases, even better. Everyone deserves to be cut a little slack now and then – especially during the holidays!