November 2, 2018
Throw a Stellar Holiday Party

It comes without fail every year.  You know what we’re talking about? Pleasant sweater weather temps begin to dip lower on the thermometer. Trees bear-all as they undress their colorful fall foliage. Daylight hours dwindle and nights enjoying the patio all but disappear. You wake up one morning and, BAM!

Suddenly your every minute is consumed with holiday preparations.  For real?  Already?
Tree trimming, gift getting, package primping, family functions, and the…DUN dun dunnnnn…

Dreaded. Work. Holiday. Party.

Wah wah waaaaaah.

Don’t worry – we are experts at having fun at Stellar, so we assembled a list of some of our favorite things to do that will make everyone on your invite list actually want to RSVP, YES!

Hit a Dueling Pianos Bar

When you put talented musicians that know how to work a crowd together with your office colleagues – you create the perfect opportunity to see Carol use her beer bottle as a mic - Pete dance on the table - and your boss literally lose her mind when she hears her request of Piano Man!

America's Bar has Dueling Pianos every first Saturday of the month starting at 8 pm!

Book your reservation

Try Your Luck at an Escape Room

You never know the scenario your group will be placed in, but an escape room event always highlights things you never knew about your office-mates.  For example, who is good under pressure and who flops in the face of adversity.  Which person can break any code, while another is incapable of remembering 3 digits.  And, who stands out as a leader in the room when they are typically the office hermit!  Escape or not – it’s a great time for all!

 Master Mind's diverse set of games range from a bank heist to a deadly viral outbreak, and a mysterious kidnapping of your Uncle to a group of superheroes trying to save a city. 

See how it works!

Play at a Vintage Arcade

Unlimited play on Galaga, Tetris, Centipede and Frogger – say WHAT?  Yes – check your local listings for great retro arcades to visit and play.  Create a bracket tournament to take the gaming to the next level.  Every guest will enjoy the memories they revisit and the challenge of recalling how to survive these not-so-easy anymore games!

 The Underground Retrocade’s mission is to transport players back to their original arcade experience by featuring games from the golden era.

Think you can beat the high scores?

Go to a Live Music Event

You don’t need to spend a fortune on concert tickets to enjoy live music.  Find a great local music venue and reserve their VIP section for your guests.  They will feel like rockstars as they enjoy some great local talent along with the latest emerging artists touring the area!

Rochaus is the newest 100-year-old music venue in the Northwest Burbs.

Check out their upcoming shows

Create a Progressive Dinner

Take a culinary trip through your town by way of food courses!  Talk with your favorite restaurants and bars and arrange a course per location.  Start at your first location for a cocktail and appetizer.  Move on to enjoy the salad course.  Next find the best entrée destination.  End with dessert and after-dinner drink somewhere you can relax.  A night that tastes great and keeps you moving!

Bleuroot provides a unique locally sourced farm-to-table dining experience where the food is always fresh and will leave feeling like family.

Book your table or check out their menu

There you go.  Plenty of ideas that we want you to pass off as your own!  Go ahead – book your holiday party – be proud to share it with your colleagues – and, for the first time in a long time – HAVE FUN at your work holiday party!

Party On!