Be a Wizard of Social Media

Posting and Liking and Stories… Oh My!

 There is always something happening behind the curtain driving the social media world to constantly evolve. In order to use social media to your business’s advantage, you need to do more than just click your ruby slippers together and wish for your customers to pay attention. A true social media strategy considers so many aspects (your audience, your product/service, your overall business goals, etc.), but there are a few things that regardless of your plan, MUST BE DONE in order to gain visibility on the big channels. We’ve broken down some tried and true strategies that will work to get you back home to Kansas… err, seen on social media.



Who doesn’t love Facebook? This is a great channel to reach a large, attentive audience, and like the Tinman, it just wants some heart(s). Getting engagement on your posts is KEY to visibility.


  • Mix It Up – Don’t always be pushing your product/service. Focus on more than just the sales aspect by educating and entertaining your audience as well.
    • 70% Education: why your business/product is beneficial, why use you, current trending topics, did you know type content, infographics, things to do/see/explore/buy (not salesy)
    • 20% Brand awareness: events, shout outs, contests, media features, staff features, reviews
    • 10% Pure entertainment: memes, viral posts, shareable videos


  • Encourage Interaction – Make your posts engaging so people want to like, comment or share. If there is no call to action, people won’t go out of their way to do anything.  The engagement on your posts is what grows your reach in feeds.  If you are not getting action on your post, rethink it.   Utilize polls and interactive tools to make it more fun!


  • Make a Connection – Tag any people/businesses that make sense in your posts and your pictures. This expands your reach further by having the potential to be seen by everyone in THEIR audience.


Like Dorothy on her quest to see the Wizard, you’ve GOT to make friends along the way. Following on Instagram is kind of an unspoken tit for tat type situation. By liking other profiles that fit in to your world, you’ll likely gain new followers which will then increase your visibility!


  • Have a Vision – A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram is all about the visual. If you don’t have a great picture/video, you might as well give the shoes to the Wicked Witch (aka your competition!).


  • #Hashtags – Use at least 11 hashtags on every post. That’s right, 11. Think about what makes the most sense and follow your insights and reporting to see what works and what doesn’t. Ditch the ones that don’t get you traction even if you think they’re cute.


  • Play Tag – There are 2 ways to tag people and businesses. One is to tag them in your caption/comments with the @ and the other is to tag the picture. Use them both and reach beyond just the people directly involved! By tagging other people/businesses that make sense you build an even greater audience. For example: You are a hair stylist showing off a new cut and color you just did. Tag the person’s head as well as the products and tools you used in the caption. In the picture, tag different hair magazines, groups, communities, etc.

Here’s some bonus advice (and her little dog too!): TELL A GOOD STORY! Right now on both Facebook and Instagram, there are more people putting eyes on stories than their feed. It is worth the extra time to post in your stories. Plus, you can have so much fun with all the stickers and fun add-ons that are included!


Sometimes the unspoken king of the jungle, Twitter has quite the hold on a very specific audience. If you’re looking to stand up to the urban audience aged 18-29, Twitter is a great place to be!


  • Short & Sweet – No one has time to read a paragraph on Twitter. The channel is built for fast-paced, quick updates.


  • Capture the Eye – Have a good picture/graphic or video. While Twitter was just words back in the day, visuals now determine whether someone will stop and be interested in more, click a link, or just keep scrolling


  • Don’t Be Timid – Post multiple times a day! You can even schedule posts on Twitter to keep your feed active and interesting.


Certainly the intellect in the group, LinkedIn focuses more on the business minded and can reach a much more professional audience. With less frequent visits and time spent than Facebook or Twitter, your messaging needs to be timeless and succinct – but not necessarily simple!


  • Presentation Is Everything – You’re on display (see what we did there?!?). Make sure your personal profile is fully filled out and up to date with a professional profile picture. Write a great headline and summary, update keywords and for goodness sake, link it to your business page! Have your employees do the same.


  • Hashtags Work – Did you know you can use hashtags on LinkedIn too?! They categorize information making it quicker for people to locate similar posts. So do it!


  •  Don’t Be Pushy – No one wants to be sold to on LinkedIn. It’s a place that people go for education and valuable information. An occasional meme or inspirational quote never hurts, but keep in mind this is not a place to share your family vacation pictures.

At Stellar Edge, we touch each of our client’s social media accounts multiple times a day to get the best engagement, follow insights and analytics, create campaigns with boosts, and more.  If all of this feels a bit like a tornado of information, just click your heels (or pick up the phone) and we good witches will come right to your rescue!