Become a Facebook Group Groupie

Everyone’s on Facebook and hopefully you are too. But, are you really getting involved? Like cheerleader in high school involved?? If you’re not engaging with potential customers via groups on Facebook, you might be missing out on some opportunities. And no you don’t need to sell Grandma’s ceramic Christmas tree to get the conversation going. Here are a few ways you can incorporate community groups in to your Facebook strategy.

A Facebook group builds better relationships

A group yields a more casual atmosphere to build better relationships. Having a community of like-minded individuals makes a Facebook Group appealing and keeps a conversation going. This builds trust and boosts engagement as members chime in a conversation. Features such as Groups for Pages were also created so that page owners could create branded groups without using personal profiles.


Use the group as a forum

Use the Facebook Group as a forum for a Q&A session! Testing out a product idea? Ask away! Let your fans give you the feedback that you need. You can post polls with open ended questions to let the members of the group get creative with their responses. Respond to all feedback for higher group engagement.


Facebook notifies the members of every post.

Unlike a Facebook page, a group sends a notification when someone makes a post. This allows the members to see everything that is discussed in the group unless they turn off notifications. Therefore, if you have a large group following, the members will constantly be notified of any posts which will keep them interested in the loop any company discussions and events!


Join and interact with other Facebook groups

What groups can you join to interact with other individuals with the same interests? For example, if you are a small business owner, join local groups outside of your own to share your events, ask questions, provide industry tips and build new relationships.

In short, becoming a Facebook group groupie is a great way to increase marketing efforts, build relationships and gain feedback for your business!