Email in a Sea of Spam – What you can do to make your messages stand out

Do you read every email that comes in to your inbox? Do you wonder why in the heck you even GET all those emails? Well, due to privacy laws, it’s likely that at some point you actually opted in and asked for all that “junk.” At one point or another, it was relevant to you. So what would it take for you to be interested again? What would make you open one of the many emails you get each and every day?

This is something marketing teams have to ask themselves every day. Consumers are constantly bombarded with messaging and marketers have to find new and exciting ways to keep them engaged. Below are a few easy tips that may increase your email ROI. If you try any, come back and let us know how they worked!


    • Keep your subject line simple – 6-10 words is ideal!
    • Use emojis in your subject line to set your email apart from all the others
    • Use the recipient’s name to make the email more personal
    • Be careful not to over-send – no more than twice a week at the most!
    • Capture attention with your email subject – trying using a well-known movie quote or trending hashtag
    • Create a sense of urgency with limited time offers or exclusive online deals
    • Create a visual email with easily clickable links
    • Pay attention to your email stats and adjust accordingly – when is the best time to send, what types of emails get the most traction, and what topics get the most clicks!