Facebook Live – Why?

Wonder why Facebook Live is a big deal and why it is helpful for businesses? From text to images and video to live streaming, Facebook Live engages audiences faster and more effectively. So don’t write it off just yet. Here are 5 reasons why you need it!

Better Content Direct To Your Audience 

One of the best benefits of Facebook Live is that it delivers better content directly to your audience. Many brands have used the feature for Q&A sessions without having to create a big production behind the scenes. For example, ABC7 Chicago goes Live showing real time updates on weather, traffic, local events and news. Not only does this help their audience get the news, but get their questions answered in real time.


Drives More Traffic To Your Facebook Pages

Facebook Live is a good source of traffic for your page and drives more engagement than standard video content. Facebook wants you to stream live video because, as they say, “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket.” Not only is this a customizable way to peek behind the scenes, but it keeps users coming back for more.


Creates More Excitement 

A common strategy for a Live video for business is product releases. These videos are often raw, unedited and will excite and encourage users to come back for more. Think of these Live videos like your own mini reality TV show. Create excitement, draw in real emotion and share!


You See and Keep Real-Time Engagement

Facebook gives you the benefit of seeing real-time engagement during Live videos. Keep track of likes, reactions, shares, mentions and comments. Using these metrics, you can accurately determine what works and what needs improvement.


Increases Awareness Around Events

Have an upcoming event and don’t know where to start? Cut the camera on and do a Live video sharing information about the event. This presents opportunities to discuss the upcoming events with your audience. Real-time video creates a personal connection between brands and users and adds more personality to a business.


We hope these reasons encourage you to head to Facebook, cut the camera on and deliver a great content LIVE!