How to Fix a Not-So-Stellar Website

Back in 2011, I wrote a blog with tips on what not to do if you’re going to build a website yourself. 8 years later, all of those tips still apply and we still recommend that you hire or at least consult with a professional before designing your own website. But let’s say you DID consult a professional that maybe wasn’t so professional (aka not Stellar Edge)?

Have no fear, Stellar is here!

Here’s a few tips of things that, if they exist on your site, definitely need to be fixed.

  • Broken Links – If there is a link on your site and it’s not going to where it should be going (aka a 404 error), that’s a major issue. Not only is it a usability problem for your site visitors, but Google no likey. They will rank your site lower in search results if your site has errors like these. 

How do I fix it? Use a tool like Broken Link Check to scan your website and return any broken links and then hire us to fix them!


  • Non-Responsive – With the wide variety of screen sizes that exist these days, simply having a mobile and desktop version of your site is no longer good enough. Sites need to be responsive meaning that the design will adjust based on the screen size of your user’s device.

How do I fix it? Use a tool like Screenfly to test your site across multiple devices and ensure everything looks great no matter what!


  • Too Many Clicks – Users should not have to click more than twice to get to the information they need. If things are buried too deep in your site, visitors will get frustrated – especially on a mobile device. 

How do I fix it? Make the most important information super accessible – hours, location, shop buttons, and contact forms should be one click away from any page a web user might land on.


  • Being Too Clever – Your navigation and buttons should tell people exactly what they’re going to get when they click. While it’s fun to think of unique ways to set yourself apart from your competitors, web users are creatures of habit. They are conditioned to look for certain things when landing on a web page.

How do I fix it? Stick with the basics – About, Contact Us, Blog, News.


  • Slow Page Loads – This is an A #1 Google no-no. Not only will your site be penalized if it loads too slow, but people today have ZERO patience. So if your site takes more than a second or so to load, users will jump off and go somewhere else.

How do I fix it? Optimize your site. Google PageSpeed Insights can score your website to give you an idea of how the search engine giant sees it. Compress images, minimize CSS and javascript files, use a cache plugin for your WordPress site – all of these will help speed up your site.