Limited Budget? Start Small and be Social

Don’t have the cash flow to invest in marketing your business? We want to give you 5 simple steps to start implementing a marketing strategy on a shoestring budget. Put yourself out there consistently with these tactics until you’re ready to invest more and hire an agency… like Stellar Edge of course! ????

Ask and contact referrals

Referral sources can be the lifeline of your business! Ask your current community who they know that needs your product/service. From there, reach out and mention who referred their name to you. Keeping a record of where the referrals are in the decision-making process helps with follow up.


Participate in local events

Research local networking opportunities, meetups, and professional groups to join. Participate in community events will help get your name out there and will ultimately graduate an acquaintance to a business partner.


Tag and Check-ins

Wherever you’re at – local events, education sessions, even a trip to the grocery store – find a reason to take pictures and tag prospects on social media! This will help push your business into the news feed of those you are interacting with professionally, and you get to have a ton of FUN at the same time!


Create Content and Offer Value

What value can you bring to your audience? Create simple graphics with tips or industry know-how,

share an infographic, add an educational, inspiration, or entertaining caption to a great photo and share with your audience via social media or email!


Think about what you can realistically afford

Marketing needs to be an investment and to produce results, you must allow it some time to work. So think about what you will be able to afford over a 12-month period. When you are ready to pull the trigger, fasten your seat belts! Not only will you be able to get back to doing what you do best (running your business), but you will have peace of mind knowing that your marketing is being handled by experts.