October 14, 2019

As LinkedIn becomes more of a reliable source for finding influencers, prospects and partners, making the most of your LinkedIn profile is more important than ever. There are a few key areas to look at on your profile to make sure it looks professional and polished!

  • High quality profile and cover photo images

Use a high quality, professional headshot for your profile picture and set the image to
public. For the cover photo, choose a high-quality, branded image with the dimensions 1400 x 425. www.canva.com is a great FREE resource to use to create something cool!

  • Complete the headline and summary sections.

In your headline, describe what you do! Be original, creative yet informative. Include relevant keywords for your industry. In the summary, add a little personality so that connections will get a good feel for who you are. Include any images, videos, documents or links that will be relevant to your business or show off your work. This is also a section to add your future goals and ambitions for your business.

  • Include updated workplace information

Focus on the workplaces and experiences that paint you as a professional with your current credentials. Skip listing your past employers if they are not relevant to the industry you’re in or looking to explore.

  • Optimize your profile’s search visibility.

Like other social platforms, LinkedIn also has an algorithm. There’s plenty you can do to make yourself more visible such as:

  • Include relevant keywords in your headline
  • Add your city to your profile
  • Insert work examples
  • Complete all contact information
  • Join industry groups (more on this later!)

Now that you have some tips on making the most of your LinkedIn, get out there and get polished!