More than Meets the Eye – How to Round Out your Social Media Strategy

So many companies are quick to create post after post about who they are, where they came from, what services they offer, what products they sell, who works there, what customers have to say, and what they have planned for the future. While all of this is great, it can’t be the ONLY thing you post about.

Engagement = visibility online. Users may be interested in your company and take the initiative to like/follow your page or profile, but in order to stay in their feed, you must keep them engaged. And in order to do THAT, you need to offer them more.


  • Educate your audience not just on your business and what you offer, but on the industry as well. Watch for trending topics, new legislation that will affect your business, or similar services that you can promote to gain credibility.


  • If your business is local, promote community events and discuss topics relevant to your audience. All other things equal, people are more likely to support a business right in their back yard than some international conglomerate.


  • Engagement with complementary businesses can grow your reach significantly. Interact with other pages, in groups, and on your personal profile as your business where it makes sense.


  • There’s something to be said for just plain ol’ entertainment. Post memes, share viral posts, create your own memorable or funny moments to give your customers a peak inside your day to day.