Let’s just talk about it right up front… 2020 sucked and forced us to look at new inventive ways to use social media and marketing in order to reach our target audience.  Keeping them interested and purchasing products and services from our businesses was no easy task.  In response to social media channels that were constantly changing the way their platforms worked to keep up with the additional usage, businesses needed to change the way things were put out.   Social media is still one of the top things that people spend a good part of their day on.  Simply put, you need to be there!  You need to be active and you need to be relevant. Competition is FIERCE and you need to stand out! Take a look at these trends we’re seeing and apply them to your social strategy. Not sure how? We’d love to help!

#1: The customer is always right… and they want you to know it right NOW

Overall, one of the top things we are seeing is the increase in the use of social media for customer service.  It’s not only used for shopping, product discovery, education, and sharing – now it’s an extension of a company’s customer service program.  It’s convenient for customers to reach out via messaging to get answers quickly or address concerns or questions. Ensure that you have options for people to connect with our customer support team and that your team is trained to handle their questions!

#2: Be where your customers are

In 2021, we are predicting that companies will be continuing to conduct business online via Instagram and Facebook Live, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, House Party, etc.  Online shopping, local delivery, curbside pick-up and take out will continue to be a preferred method for consumers.  This makes it super important to be ready and prepared via both your social media platforms and your website to make it easy for your customers to utilize these services. The continued shift toward contactless shopping makes ecommerce a necessity. Utilize integrated in-app shopping on Instagram and Facebook. The least amount of steps your customer has to take, the more sales you will receive.

#3: Target is not just a store – It’s a way to reach your people

Implementing a retargeting strategy to hit your customers with continued messaging even after they leave your site or social media profile will ensure you continue to market to them and increase your revenue. With advertising on the rise and algorithms changing every day, visibility is costing more Consider taking time to focus your advertising campaigns and really target your audiences wisely.  Evaluate the campaigns you have done and see what is worth continuing or changing.  Track leads and profitability to see what is producing and what isn’t.

Utilizing the tools provided on each social platform, you can increase engagement without increasing your workload.

  • Polls to engage with your followers
  • Links to increase website traffic
  • Location tags to increase visibility

#4: Brands Must Humanize

Businesses need to consider being transparent, authentic, and even vulnerable with their marketing in 2021. People connect with people. I have always said this. Get more employees faces out there, create more video, and talk about what matters to your company and show your culture. With all the turmoil going on in our world, people want to trust the companies they do business with. They want a relationship with you.

#5: Be a Problem Solver

Think about how you can solve a person’s problem or improve their life. Ultimately it is your job to fill some need that your customer has! Some good ways to do this going into 2021 would be to roll out huge discounts and get people excited about what you have to offer.  People do NOT want to get sold to.  Always keep that in your mind when you are making social posts.  It’s not JUST about your products or services. The pandemic has not gone away so always consider the impact of how you deliver posts as well.

#6: Pandemic Schmamdemic

Even though COVID is still a real threat and we have to be conscious of it, positivity will get you more engagement in 2021.  People are “over it” and tired of all the negative news they see in their feeds.  We get it… 2020 sucked. But now it’s over so let’s move on! GIFs and memes have proven themselves to be a staple among business posts, and they’re incredibly easy to create. Make someone smile! Utilize free software to take your own pictures and video and create a GIF.  Using customer photos and testimonials to create posts for your business are also a great way to grow your audience and let others know that you are relevant.  There are many clever ways you can take a post or picture that one of your customers posts and recraft it to share on your own business page!

#7:  A picture is worth a thousand words

Eye catching collages are making a comeback. They make people stop and scroll and take more time to see and think about what you offer.  “Eye catching” was the key word here – don’t just slap a bunch of photos together all willy nilly.  Visuals are everything on social media so you need to make an impression. Create something professional, clean, and appealing to capture your audience.

#8: Ch Ch Ch Changes on Insta

Two major changes to take note of on Instagram are SEO and Reels. Just recently Instagram has made it a point to become more search worthy on the internet.  This means that the copy you post makes a difference – not just the hashtags you use. Consider what your audience will be searching for and try to incorporate those keywords and phrases to gain more visibility.

Instagram has also launched Reels to compete with TikTok.  Reels are quick and fun videos to grab user’s attention.  Reels do not replace Instagram Stories or feed posts! However, Instagram is putting Reels first and foremost (some are saying they will be shown 10x more than stories and feeds!) so make sure to focus on these in 2021. Using captions and text will help gain momentum and help encourage your followers to share. Watch TikTok and see what’s getting attention (beware though – it’s a rabbit hole!) to give you some inspiration for what to feature in your Instagram Reels.  Try to keep your Reel to 15 seconds or less.  The platform allows for longer but as of right now, the 15 second Reels are getting the most attention.

#9: LinkedIn is more social than it used to be

Gone are the days where LinkedIn was only used to search for a job. People are connecting with old classmates, colleagues, and potential business partners on this channel. In addition, LinkedIn now has STORIES! They’re a little late to the party, but they have rolled it out. LinkedIn Stories are still new so performance remains to be seen, but, like the other platforms, we are assuming that it will get more views than the feed.  So take advantage of this additional tool to reach your audience with quick and meaningful messages.

Also, don’t forget about some other great features LinkedIn offers: polls, asking questions in order to get engagement, and most importantly gaining feedback from your customers, sharing personal photos, or post about employees and milestones. As always, be transparent and connect on a personal level with your customers.  Just because the platform is a “professional community”, it doesn’t mean you can’t build meaningful relationships and encourage people to see the value you provide.

#10: Be active in your REAL community

Building your brand online with a new, virtual audience is great, but don’t neglect your local/loyal customers. Many brands and businesses utilize groups and communities to get their message out and build a following – dedicated customers who in turn do a lot of marketing for them!  The best way to get word out is to let your community speak about you and how your product or service has made their life better.  These groups consist of people that have shared interest.  The best one, being you!  It’s a wonderful way to create a sense of belonging with our brand at the center. Social groups are also great place to launch new products, get testimonials and get great feedback and insights.


A self-proclaimed organizational guru (slightly OCD, if you will), Jennifer thrives on keeping both personal and professional life in tip-top shape. With a background in retail management and education, Jennifer brings a unique blend of customer service skills and creativity to the role of Client Support Specialist. An East coast transplant, she’s perpetually in search of authentic NY-style pizza (seriously, can't find it anywhere!). An avid Anglophile, she loves binge-watching British crime dramas and dreaming of the rolling hills of Great Britain. Outside of work, you'll find Jennifer hitting the trails for a brisk walk, indulging in some quality Netflix and chill time, or annoying her daughter with questionable singing skills.  And if she had it her way, Jennifer's ultimate dream would be to own a sprawling farm to rescue animals.


With a future so bright he’s gotta wear shades, John comes to Stellar with a background in social media marketing having worked in broadcasting and product promotions. This and a historical blog that he started in college gave John the opportunity to exercise his creative juices and explore different methods of content creation. A self proclaimed movie buff, John religiously watches Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese movies. When he’s not out hustling or watching flicks, you’ll find John on the links, building model planes or boating Lake Geneva.


“They say the neon lights are bright…” at Stellar! Julianna’s current leading lady role is as a Marketing Assistant, and she is ready to put our Stellar clients center-stage, under the spotlight! With a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre and a license in Esthetics, Julianna is filled with creativity and a passion for helping others. Working in the entertainment and beauty industries has made Julianna a very determined gal, and now that dedication is ready to translate to all of our clients’ dreams, too. In her spare time, Julianna is most likely quoting Gilmore Girls (“Life’s short, talk fast!”), snuggling her Mini Aussie, or traveling to a Disney park.


More than just a rockin' attitude, Ricky is a graduate of Oregon State University and has a passion for entrepreneurship and marketing. As Marketing Assistant, Ricky leverages his creativity and work ethic to help drive client success at Stellar. When he’s not working or pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, Rick enjoys playing guitar, volleyball, and spending time with friends.


Whether it was playing softball in college, sweating it out at the gym with friends or fishing with her family, Julie knows what it takes to bring everyone together and work hard towards the end goal. Having spent the majority of her career in healthcare working with large physical therapy companies and every pro sports team in Chicago, Julie's experience with brand positioning and project management comes in clutch when collaborating with Stellar clients. As a busy mom of 4, Julie knows how to handle chaos and maximize time. When she's not challenging the Stellar team to step it up a notch, you can find Julie coaching baseball, teaching religious education, working out, playing uber driver, or being slightly bullied by her "friends" into participating in fitness races.


Starbucks in hand, Margaret joined the Stellar team in the fall of 2023. Margaret uses her previous experience as a freelance social media manager to be sure Stellar clients are looking, well, stellar across all platforms! Fueled by constant caffeine, her quick wit and creative ideas are an asset to the entire office. Margaret graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia in 2022 and continues to cheer on the Tigers with a big M-I-Z every Saturday in the fall. Feel free to stop by the office and say hi… but don’t come empty handed. She’ll take a venti vanilla sweet cream cold brew with an extra shot and with vanilla cold foam topped with caramel drizzle. 🙂


Can you dig it? Cat may be the picture of youth, but she is definitely an old soul. Dressed in bell bottoms with her dad rock playlist on a constant loop in her headphones, Cat conjures up the grooviest designs for our team as a Graphic & Marketing Specialist. Cat graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. In her spare time you can find Cat chillin’ at her pad, cooking up a pasta dish of some sort, watching Harry Potter, or listening to oldies music (her favorites are Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Jim Croce, ELO, Black Sabbath, and the Grateful Dead!). ~The Night is Young and the Music’s High~


Lexington is a fresh-faced dynamo who brings a background of retail management, hospitality, and customer service to the Stellar Edge team! Lexi’s personality is as bold as her name, and she loves coming up with creative ideas to help Stellar clients put their best foot forward through social media management and email campaigns. Lexi loves all things beauty and before graduating from college with a Bachelor's in PR & Marketing, she worked as a makeup artist for events and shows. A lifelong Fox Valley resident, Lexi joins fellow DC Charger alumni Clare and Lindsay in the Stellar office. You can’t miss her smile and energy as soon as you walk in the door – stop by and say hi!


Do you need a solution to your web marketing needs? Fly the Stellar Edge logo in the sky and Jason will answer. After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in marketing, Jason set out to become a full fledged hero in the digital marketing world. He put in the work to learn behind the scenes through additional course work and entrepreneurship ventures in music. You may have even seen him performing with some of your favorite live musical acts. When not saving the world's marketing needs, Jason enjoys his time working out, playing video games or making music out of old vinyl records. With great power comes great responsibility and Jason is geared up to help Stellar web clients maximize their online potential.


Carly brings marketing magic to the Stellar team! Transforming from Marketing Assistant by day to Cinderella serving tables at local hot spot Rosie O'Hares by night, Carly channels her inner Tiana as a hardworking, talented, self-starting princess! You definitely won't catch her sleeping on the job like Aurora, but rather focused on getting her clients more visibility via social media. Her unique jewelry and eclectic hairstyles put Jasmine and Rapunzel to shame! Carly discovered her special powers through her experience at University of Wisconsin-Parkside while earning a Bachelors in Marketing and Business Management and a Project Management Certificate. When she's not fighting the Huns or rescuing sailors, Carly likes to hang out with friends and family, travel {mainly going to Disney - duh!}, and do arts and crafts.


MEOW! This industrious cat mom come to Stellar with a fresh marketing & videography degree and the willingness to put in the work! Emma is a jack of all trades mastering social media for multiple clients, assisting with video editing, and tackling any task thrown her way. Her chill vibe fits into the Stellar office perfectly - contrary to her love of drama filled TV shows. Outside of work, you can find her getting down to oldies music or watching movies. Emma is a proud member of the LGBTQ community who loves walks by the ocean, good food and naps.


Clare is no stranger to small business having grown up with a mom-preneur who opened Around the Corner Candy in 1998. She grew from employee to manager to co-owner before deciding that she was destined for more than just the sweet life. Clare came to Stellar with a desire to learn new things and put her customer service skills to great use! As Marketing Assistant, she dabbles in a bit of everything from social media to email to web. Hardworking Clare fits right in with her love of animals, music, crystals and plants. Best known for her obsession with vintage horror, Clare’s house is decked out in paintings and prints from old movies & shows like Dracula, The Munsters, and The Twilight Zone.


Devin grew up in a family business quickly learning that marketing is essential. Having graduated from Judson University with a Bachelor’s in Communications and a Minor in Marketing, Devin is infatuated with the art of storytelling. He can spin a client’s vision into a fantastic tale to create value and attract customers with flair. Devin is always one to dress for success… even if the situation doesn’t call for it. A ballroom dance instructor, Devin is an old soul who enjoys classic cars, old movies and collecting vinyl records.


Bria joined the Stellar team just 2 days after her college graduation… talk about a go-getter! She is driven to help businesses shine combining both creativity and analytics. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Bria is ready to take on the world… or at least our amazing Stellar clients. Bria spends her time outside the office thrifting for clothing and collecting antique tea cups. Her unique style is present in her desk décor and the handmade earrings she wears each day! She is a mother… to over 20 house plants.


If you need something cleaned, call Harry. Seriously! Even if it’s not his mess, he’ll offer to fix it for you. As Stellar’s SEO expert, Harry's insight into a client's business is a valuable tool reaching more than just online audiences, but customers in the real world too! Harry has owned a handful of businesses since the ripe old age of 13 ranging from manufacturing to real estate to business services. A true Renaissance man, Harry can speak with someone for less than 30 minutes and have a complete business strategy worked out in his head leading them to definite success. A father of two teenage boys, Harry knows a thing or two about dealing with people on the brink of insanity. He fits in well at Stellar.


Named after Patrick Swayze’s character in Point Break, Bodhi joined the Stellar team in May 2017 and we don’t know how we got through the prior 6 years without an office dog! Adopted from Animal House Shelter, Bodhi is a Pitbull/American Bulldog mix that his human Lindsay cannot believe someone gave up. Bully breeds definitely get a bad rap because there is nothing sweeter than this 65-pound “lap dog” climbing into someone’s chair as we gather around the conference table. With as much charisma as his namesake, Bodhi greets visitors to the office with a toy in his mouth ready to play. He hasn’t quite developed any marketing skills just yet, but he can spot a duck or another dog out the window like nobody’s business.


Anything that gets thrown Kristin’s way is handled with ease… at least as far as we know. Coming from the retail industry, Kristin is no stranger to a fast paced, ever-changing environment and has no problem adapting to the chaos that comes with managing Stellar’s high profile clients. With years of experience managing all aspects of communications for Fortune 500 companies, Kristin is able to schmooze clients, conquer any task, and ensure everything is running smoothly… even when it’s not! A Hallmark movie fan, Kristin loves spending time with her firefighter husband and rambunctious toddler.


As an expert on all things entertainment, Stacy really knows how to roll out the red carpet for Stellar clients! Her background with Fortune 500 companies makes her well equipped to deal with the ups and downs of any industry. Stacy lives for creative marketing – finding award-winning ways to entice audiences to click, download, buy, or visit through branding, social media, web design, and merchandising. When she’s not dazzling customers, she’s hitting the gym or spending time with her family. A mom of two, she’s used to working well under pressure and taking the lead to make sure sh*t gets done – traits we welcome in the Stellar office!


Using a space heater at her desk year-round, Lynne is no stranger to turning it up. With a background in retail and corporate sales, Lynne brings practical knowledge to help Stellar clients determine their path to success. As our content writer extraordinaire, Lynne helps brands find their voice and reaches a whole new world of customers. You may hear her getting flustered from time to time, but it’s always short-lived. Her get ‘er done, take charge attitude works in her capacity at Stellar and as the busy mom of 3 busy boys.


As a lover of spicy treats, Christina is a no-nonsense, get the job done kind of a girl. Any task thrown her way is done quicker than you can say Siracha! As our resident Web Developer, troubleshooting issues is her specialty… just like at home as the mother of two young sons! Christina’s ad agency background and experience developing websites adds another layer of insight to our client’s marketing efforts. You’ll often see her hiking and biking with her family (with a stop off at their favorite Dairy Queen for a treat!).


Known around the office as Molly Pee Pee Pants, our resident Graphic Designer has more than just a small bladder. Her experience designing logos, developing brands, and creating amazing materials for Stellar clients brings a fresh perspective and artistic flair.  Molly’s easy-going attitude makes her the perfect candidate to work with constant changes and multiple ongoing projects. When she’s not out saving lives along the side of the road, she lives as a baseball widow and chauffeurs her kids to all their activities.


Known for her rainbow hair, Sin is never one to settle for just one style. She pushes the Stellar team to think outside the box and consider things they would have never done before. Her Bachelor’s in Graphic Arts & Illustration from the American Academy of Art is just the tip of what she’s learned. With real-world experience in business management, marketing and promotions, event planning, and vendor coordination, Sin’s experience gives Stellar an Edge over the competition (see what we did there?). Despite her edgy moniker, Sin is a kid at heart riding her scooter, dragging the Stellar team on crazy outings, and smothering her adult son and daughter with embarrassing hugs and kisses.


Known as the Dream Crusher, Lindsay’s level head keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine. When everyone else is trying to get in human-sized balloons and doing mid-day yoga, Lindsay is crunching numbers in a spreadsheet – literally one of her favorite things to do. With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Lindsay has the know-how to help Stellar clients make the right decisions to reach their goals. She loves problem-solving and making things work. She has a soft spot for kids and animals… she’s been known to grab babies from strangers and roll on the ground with any dog that will snuggle her.