The Power of Print

Junk mail, circulars, direct mail, leaflets, promotional postcards, brochures – whatever you call it, print has gotten a bad rap for years now. And certainly with the growth in technology, the affordability of online marketing, and how easy it is to be connected, email and other virtual techniques seem to have taken over. But that may be just the reason you should reconsider print.

People are inundated with email, boosted posts, pop up ads, and suggested items every day. If you’re not doing it right, it will become very easy for potential customers to just ignore you – add you to the white noise that is all the other advertising they encounter online. But a well-placed or well-delivered print piece can really stand out. Something tangible that people can actually hold, read, and utilize should no longer be the black sheep of your marketing strategy.

Print pieces are more memorable. Holding something tangible in your hand not only helps to commit its message to memory but also allows people to have a more emotional response. Images and colors speak more in print than they do on the screen evoking a connection between your target audience and your brand.

When working with direct mail, a typical response rate can be between 3-5%. Recent studies show that this is much higher than the conversion rate for email marketing. This will vary significantly by industry, but it seems people are much more likely these days to act on an offer in print more so than online.

One of our favorite benefits of print is that you can control exactly what your print piece will look like. With the wide variety of different devices people use to connect online (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, big-screen monitors, etc.), there is absolutely no guarantee as to what your email or ad will look like to a potential customer. Spam filter technology will sometimes strip out images, links can change colors all willy-nilly like, and elements may shift depending on the width of the screen. This can be very frustrating for your designers and sometimes even for the end-user if they are missing vital information due to a technical glitch!

And finally, print offers a level of creativity that online marketing just can’t match. Designers sometimes have to play it safe to ensure that the message will be shown as desired – designing for the least technically advanced user. With options like die cutting, spot gloss, and custom folds, your print piece can really set your brand apart from your competitors.

Whether you need sales or promotional material to hand out in person or if you want to go “old school” with a targeted direct mail campaign, a well-designed print piece can speak volumes about your company. Don’t miss the opportunity to put your brand in the customer’s hand!