How much time should I be spending on social media?  That’s a great question, especially for business.  With 2020 being a total sh*t show and no one knowing from one minute to the next what is going to happen, businesses have had to adapt! Closures, limited hours or services, new rules about how they can interact with others, and so many other changes have led the general population to be highly dependent on social media. They’re getting their news, information on who’s open and who’s not, what they have to offer and new protocols from their favorite social channels. Especially given the current environment, it is crucial to spend extra time on your social media.  People are bored, or inquisitive and as a result, are surfing and scrolling now more than ever.

In order to really provide your audience with quality content, you should spend at least an hour out of each day to take the time to post what’s happening with you, make comments and posts in community groups and participate in some good ol’ fashioned social interaction. Here are some tips on how you can best utilize that hour.


Today is the day you can schedule all of your posts for the week.  I would suggest getting those up and out of the way so you can just work on engagement for the rest of the week.  You will have to keep in mind what you had scheduled just to be sure it stays fresh (did you post about the weather and all of a sudden there’s a rainstorm? Or a virus shuts down the world?). Present a good mix of what your business’s current situation is. People want to connect with you. Be real and honest and provide some insight as to what actions you are taking, if you have sales, specials, and your personal struggles and accomplishments. And remember, not every day needs to be a sales pitch! Or if you’re posting multiple times a day, be sure you plan out how your posts can help each other!


Start out by making sure your scheduled post(s) went up and answer any comments or questions you may have received. Invite new people who liked a post to like your page! Take some time to go on community groups and interact with people, answer questions, or weigh in on a topic (some groups will let you join as your business – others you’ll have to use your personal profile).  Share something from your business in there if it is allowed (check the groups rules first!) and if it makes sense.


Stay on top of those comments and questions – we live in an age of immediate gratification so be sure your notifications are ON! Cross promote the platforms you are active on – let your Facebook audience know you’re also on Instagram or vice versa. And make sure your content on both is unique – you have very different audiences on each channel. Treat them as such!


Keep engagement going on your business page – Share a funny meme or go live! People love to see the inner workings of the businesses they choose to support. A quick look around your facility, a Q&A with an employee, or even just a fun Boomerang or photo of something you’ve been working on will definitely grab some attention!

In addition to content creation, encourage your employees to actively share your content on social media and engage with your brand online. This a great way to get your brand promise spread further and build an emotional connection with customers. If customers see that your employee is personally recommending your company’s service or product to their direct network on social, they’ll be more apt to have confidence in your company and stand behind your brand.


After you’ve taken the time to respond to comments/questions (yes, this is very important and that’s why we keep mentioning it!), take a look at some of your competitors! Either direct or indirect, local or in another state, you can learn a lot from what others in your industry are posting and how people are reacting to it.


Keep it fun and light – maybe check out some social media challenges and see if you can work them in to your plan for the upcoming week. Ask employees if they can contribute anything to your social channels – the more everyone gets involved, the better!

Your social media strategy should always be open for adjustments – if something you posted had no likes or comments, the chances even the people who like your page are going to see it are slim to none. Pay attention to what’s working and be ready to change course when things fall flat.

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