If you’re looking to gain strong search visibility beyond what your organic efforts can produce, Google Ads are a great way to target specific audiences and get a leg up on the competition. Whenever creating a keyword search ad campaign, I always recommend adding a remarketing campaign along side with it. Why? Because the two different approaches go hand in hand to help increase your rate of return.

When using remarketing, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep on top of people that are interested. Keywords work great when something is searching for something new, but they are not intended to remind people of your product/service after they left your site. Remarketing keeps your business fresh in people’s minds. Once someone has visited your site, they will keep seeing targeted ads for as long as you choose.
  • Changing up your creative is important. You don’t want to have people seeing the same ad over and over again. Change the look and messaging but keep with your logo and colors so there is consistency and it is instantly recognizable as your brand.
  • Set limits. You don’t want to annoy anyone so be sure to consider setting limits for your ads so that people will only see it so many times a day. Reminders are great – nagging is not.
  • Make sure your ad is more about branding. With remarketing, a click is not necessary, it is more of a reminder of your brand. It’s all about the visibility. The web visitor was already interested enough to go to your site, so now it is more about making sure they don’t forget you.

Using keyword ads  is great for getting new people to your site, but remarketing can help you keep interested customers coming BACK to your site even after they have gone away.